All the equipment you need to setup taps on your bar


Shelf Cooler Setups

Perfect for home and office bars, satellite bars at pubs, hotels and restaurants.

The system is deisgned to fit in one location and usually takes up the space of the equivalent to 2 kitchen cupboard floor standing units depending on the quantity of products. We can supply all components and design a fully intergrated system to fit the serving space and products you have selected

As a rule of thumb, new equipment for a new 1 tap install costs £850+VAT (£1020.00) or for a refurbished system costs £690+VAT (£828.00) This INCLUDES

  • Shelf cooler
  • Chrome tap & branded badge
  • Keg coupler & fittings
  • Gas regulator & fittings
  • Beer & gas line including insulation
  • Additional taps cost from £210+VAT (£252.00) new and £125+VAT (£150.00) refurbished.
  • You may also require gas for £25+VAT (£30.00) a bottle, this will dispense up to 10 x 50L kegs.

Delivery & Technical installation is from £150+VAT for a plug and play setup or from £250+VAT for an inbuilt setup. This includes a 6 month parts warranty and a 5 year Examination Certificate.

Purchase Cellar Equipment


Complete Cellar Installs

For those wanting kegs away from the bar area such as a traditional pub setup or home bar with seperate keg storage area.

All cellar systems are designed and quoted specifically to each clients requirements using the choice of new or refurbished equipment.

Due to the complexity of these systems price will vary on the distance fom the cellar to the bar and the ambient temperature of the cooling equipment location.

We can provide solutions from all situations no matter how large or small.

For a fully itemised quote please email us at hello@rent-a-keg.com the amount of taps you need to, products required over these taps, the size of your bar and distance to the cellar. We also need to know if your cellar requires ventilation. Pictures and or plans are also very useful and help provide a more accurate quotation. Please also provide a contact phone number so we can call to discuss options before quoting.

We Supply

Beer On Tap for Small Events Beer On Tap for
Small Events
We are industry leaders in supplying draft beer systems for parties & events. If you're having a house party, wedding or office knees up, we can supply you with everthing you need.

We use state of the art beer coolers, which means you will be pouring ice cold beer within 15 minutes of us installing our equipment.
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Self Service Tap Wall Bars Self Service Tap Wall
Bar Hire
Designed in house are tap walls have become a huge hit at events and short to long term installs a like. The units are self contained and can serve up to 4 different products for up to 500 pints per hour.

We stock reclaimed wood, white panel bars and grass or foliage look bars. The bars can also be branded on the front if you are looking to match theming or particular styled space.
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Drinks Taps in the Office? Drinks Taps
For Your Office
Looking for a fun addition to the office? Why not install a Beer tap. We can install into pre-existing kitchen units or provide you with a fresh new solution. The taps can also serve other drinks such as Prosecco and cocktails too.

Taps available to hire on a monthly basis or you can buy the equipment and choose and serving plan. Fully flexible to suit your needs.
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