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How do you setup a keg system?

For a full set of instructions >>Click here

How much does it cost?

Its simple:

  1. We charge per keg as per the prices on the website
  2. We charge per tap system as a full equipment package with associated accesories such as cooler and gas. 
  3. We charge a delivery rate based on location, time and date. 

As an example

  • Keg of Fosters £127+VAT
  • Draught Equipment Package £65+VAT
  • Delivery to East Surrey £65+VAT (Includes full installation)

Total £257+VAT


For example delivery costs for other locations please see our delivery page

How long does a keg last once opened?

Varies between 1 and 4 weeks, depending on the beer type and gas used. Cider lasts for up to 12 months if stored correctly, prosecco up to 4 months and cocktails vary from 4 - 8 weeks.

Do you offer Sale or Return?

Absolutley! However there is a charge of £40+VAT per keg to return them to the brewery of origin. This fee is negotiable for large orders. Kegs are refunded within 48 hours of your event once you have agreed your credit note and provided us with refund details. If you have kegs left over please email us your bank details in advance to speed up the refund process.

What if I have a problem with my Keg?

Our technicians will test and demonstrate the equipment on-site.  We will provide you with a troubleshooting guide for reference with an out-of-hours phone number that you can use in emergencies. In the rare case of equipment failure we will attend site to fix the install. 

There is also a full tutorial on our equipment page here : >>Click Here

What beer taps (font's) do you have available?

We have the largest selection of beer tap sytles than any other keg hire company in the UK! We have most branded fonts and a huge selction of chrome or brass fonts. For large events requiring 10 or more taps, we can even supply brand new branded fonts, perfect for festivals and large coporate functions. Get in touch if you want to discuss options.

When will my equipment be delivered?

We deliver 24/7, 365 days a year (Delivery days and time prices vary, please contact us for a quote). Please note that if your event is on a weekend our standard day for delivery will be Thursday or Friday and collection the following Monday or Tuesday. Please contact us if you can only take a weekend delivery. We cannot give specific delivery times due to install durations at each stop being out of our control- so we ask that you can be as flexible as possible. We will give you a courtesy call 1 hour before delivery. For delivry cost examples and more information see our Delivery page

Can you deliver the equipment to one location and collect from a different one?

Yes we can. We will show you on delivery how to disconnect everything and move it safely. There is also setup instructions available to download under the "useful info" side box to your right.

What do I need to have in place for the delivery?

All we need is a 13amp plug socket (UK standard plug socket) for the Cooler(s) and a sturdy surface such as a table or bar, for the tap(s) to clamp onto. Easy!

What if I have my own Kegs and just require the equipment?

We can supply the equipment without the Kegs. See Draft Equipment for more information. Please let us know how many Kegs you wish to serve in total, as this will dertermine how much equipment & gas you require.

I live outside your standard delivery areas and need some Kegs and equipment. Can you help?

Yes. We can deliver kegs to anywhere in the country however as we have to hand deliver and install all kegs ourselves, associated additional costs are sometime un-economical for our clients.

We charge £3+VAT per mile from our base in Edenbridge plus standing time if required.

How big are the components and what space is required?

The main components of a typical keg system are:

Shelf Cooler (Our biggest Size) W600mm x H300mm x D400m. These typically sit on the floor under a counter surface such as a table or bar counter

For all kegs please allow another 200mm height for the coupler connection. These sit under the counter surface but often beside the bar or for larger "Remote" cooled systems, in a seperate defined cellar area.

50L Keg (standard size) H535mm x W394mm (sizes vary slightly from keg size)

30L Keg H350mm x W406mm

30L KeyKeg H572mm x W300mm

Gas Bottle H910mm x W140mm. These either sit beside the counter surface or underneath.

If you are building a custom bar or stand to accomadate the cooler, please allow for 150mm space around the cooler for ventilation. The cooler must not be fully enclosed either.

We Supply

Beer On Tap for Small Events Beer On Tap for
Small Events
We are industry leaders in supplying draft beer systems for parties all over the UK. If you're having a house party, wedding or office knees up, we can supply you with everthing you need.

We use state of the art beer coolers, which means you will be pouring ice cold beer within 15 minutes of us installing our equipment.
Find out more
High Volume Bars High Volume Bars
for Festivals
We are industry leaders at installing and managing beer systems to deal with large scale events such as festivals and corporate events.

We have designed and installed mass dispense beer systems for events such as Standon Calling, Secret Garden Party, Glade Music Festival, Cowes and Secret Cinema events.
Find out more
Keg Anything! Literally* Keg
We now offer a new kegging service where we can take any drink you like and put it in a keg. This allows for a fast pouring service with no mess or fuss. There are many advantages to having drinks in kegs too aside form a quick serving, fast solutions. Kegs save on space, they offer consistency, especially with Cocktails, and they can even keep costs down. We can also instantly chill the keg! Find out more


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