Draught Equipment

When renting a keg you will need a tap pouring system...

Draught Equipment
Beer Tap System

Beer Tap System

For any Keg type...

Beer, Wine, Cocktails, Spirits & even soft drinks! Not just for beer any longer.

  • Draught Tap - Stylish chrome taps, with badges for the drink type or a branded tap subject to availability. Taps use a clamp system to attached to any surface from 1cm to 10cm thick.
  • Industry standard water cooler - Ready to serve cold drinks in 45 minutes (requires a standard 13amp plug socket)
  • Gas canister with correct gas type provided as per drink requirements (used to pump the drink out of the Keg)
  • The cooler, keg & gas cannister are compact enough to fit under most small tables. With this system there is little or no wastage, and changing Kegs is quick and easy so your guests won't get thirsty. Equipment details can be found under the FAQ page
  • Installed by a cellar trained technician

Hire Price: £65 + VAT per tap 1-4 days

£75+VAT per tap 5-7 days, then £10 per day there after

Long term hire rates also available from £150+VAT per month, contact us for more info

For example delivery rates please see our delivery page

Click here for information about large scale installs

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Pallet Bar Tap Wall

Pallet Bar Tap Wall

Looking for a stylish self service bar?

  • Comes complete with 4 taps and a line cooling system than can accomodate up to 4 different keg types
  • Works with anything in a keg including Beer, Prosecco, Cider, Cocktails
  • User friendly and easy to use
  • The bar accomodates all kegs and equipment
  • LED lighting to match your event colour theme
  • Installed by a cellar trained technician
  • Comes with optional ice wells and garnish holders for cocktails on tap
  • Bar also available in stained white
  • Can be fully branded at additional cost

Hire Price: from £345 + VAT

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Real Ale Equipment

Real Ale Equipment

For Cask products we provide...

  • Direct Tap - placed at one end of the cask OR a traditional hand pump attached to your bar
  • Cooling jacket with cooling coil to chill the cask
  • Water cooler (requires a standard 13amp plug socket)
  • Stillage - used to tilt the cask as the beer is poured
  • The cask, stillage and cooling jacket can be setup on top of a table or bar, with the water cooler placed on the floor. If you prefer a hand pump system the cask, stillage and cooling jacket can be placed elsewhere if required.

You will require one set of equipment per cask. Discounts available for multiple orders.

Hire Price: £65 + VAT

For example delivery rates please see our delivery page

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Just need the equipment? No problem!

We understand that sometimes you might have your own kegs to use and just require the draught dispense equipment on its own. One of our engineers will install this for you at the following equipment costs; delivery costs dependent on location. Click here to see example delivery costs.

  • Single Line System: £95 + VAT
  • Double Line System: £190 + VAT
  • Triple Line System: £285+ VAT

Please note: These prices include gas for up to 5 kegs per line system. For larger orders we will quote on a case by case basis.

Call 0333 733 1130

Watch our setup tutorial video below


We Supply

Beer On Tap for Small Events Beer On Tap for
Small Events
We are industry leaders in supplying draft beer systems for parties all over the UK. If you're having a house party, wedding or office knees up, we can supply you with everthing you need.

We use state of the art beer coolers, which means you will be pouring ice cold beer within 15 minutes of us installing our equipment.
Find out more
High Volume Bars High Volume Bars
for Festivals
We are industry leaders at installing and managing beer systems to deal with large scale events such as festivals and corporate events.

We have designed and installed mass dispense beer systems for events such as Standon Calling, Secret Garden Party, Glade Music Festival, Cowes and Secret Cinema events.
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Keg Anything! Literally* Keg
We now offer a new kegging service where we can take any drink you like and put it in a keg. This allows for a fast pouring service with no mess or fuss. There are many advantages to having drinks in kegs too aside form a quick serving, fast solutions. Kegs save on space, they offer consistency, especially with Cocktails, and they can even keep costs down. We can also instantly chill the keg! Find out more


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