Trouble Shooting

Trouble shooting your rental system...


“My drink is coming out frothy!”

Is your drink cold?

Yes – Possible causes:

  • You have just connected another keg. Pull through until you have clear pouring drink. There should be no more than ¼ pint to pull through.
  • You forgot to turn the gas on, then did causing a surge in the keg. It will eventually settle down after a good few pints poured.
  • Flow is too fast. If your drink is pouring clear but frothing in the glass, you need to slow the flow down using the flow control. This is located under tap on the product line. Twist one way to open and one way to close.                                      

Flow Control 

Flow control pictured above

No – Possible causes:

  • The cooler isn’t turned on. Simply plug the cooler in and turn it on. It will need at least 1 hour to chill your drink down to temperature. You can tell it’s on as it will make a humming noise and air will flow out the of the heat dump radiator from the front of the cooler.
  • The airflow around the cooler is restricted. Make sure that the heat dump radiator on the front of the cooler isn’t blocked. Also make sure that there is good airflow around the cooler and it is not in an unventilated enclosed space. It will take a further hour for the chiller to cool back down if the airflow has been blocked.
  • The kegs have been left in direct sun light. This puts strain on the cooler. If you have a busy bar this will also add to the strain. The combination can lead to the cooler not being able to chill the drink quickly enough. Stop service for 30 -45 mins and move kegs out of the sun to allow the drink to pour cold and clear. 


“My drink is only coming out in a trickle!”

Possible causes:

  • Your gas is off. Turn the gas tap on the bottle anti clockwise. If it was not open the gauges will then rise up sharply. You can still pour drinks from your keg for a short period whilst the gas is off however this is not recommended as it will make the product flat, then very frothy once you turn the gas back on due to surging the keg.
  • Flow control is set too slow. To speed up twist open in the direction of the arrows on the flow control. Example of flow control pictured above.
  • Your gas has run out. If the bottle is open and the gauges are reading empty you may have run out of gas. This is unlikely for short term hires, but for long term hire we do leave you with spares to swap out. Please contact us on the emergency line to discuss options.


“My drink is leaking!”

Is it leaking from the keg?

  • Try reconnecting the keg. This usually only occurs when you have purchased more than one keg and are trying to change the keg over. The coupler needs to be attached securely to the keg to prevent any leaking

Is it leaking from a grey push fitting?

  • Sometimes fittings aren’t pushed in properly as they can often be tricky to know that they have been pushed all the way in during installation when dry and can come lose slightly later on. The fix is easy as once the fitting is wet the pipe can easily be pushed back in. Push the pipe in with force into the fitting or push the fitting onto the pipe, which ever is easier. This should solve your leak.

Liquid is dripping from the front of the cooler

  • This is water from the ice bank inside the cooler. As the water turns to ice in the cooler, it expands pushing a small amount of water out through the overflow. The amount is minimal and only does so whilst the water is turning to ice. We would have also provided a stopper to prevent this happening so it may have been accidentally knocked off. Replace the rubber stopper. If you can’t find it put a small cup under the overflow pipe where the drip is coming from.


“I’m pouring gas and bubbles”

  • Unfortunately, there’s no remedy for this problem as it means that your keg is empty. If you’ve got another keg change it over quickly before your guests get upset. Please do not leave your beer tap or coupler open as this will let the gas escape from your system leading to an empty bottle.


“My drink is warm!”

  • Have you let the cooler chill down? It takes an hour to chill before you can use it although we recommend 2 hours.
  • Is your cooler on? It will make a humming noise whilst in operation.
  • Have you left you kegs in the sun and have been pouring drink without a break for cooler for more than an hour? Your cooler is under excess strain. Move the kegs to the coolest place you can find and give the cooler 30-45 mins to allow the drink to pour cold and clear


“My drink is flat!”

  • The gas hasn’t been turned on. As the system is pressurised you can pour a good few pints without the gas on, however this will make your drink taste flat, so always make sure your gas is on to keep the carbonation percentage correct.
  • Are your glasses clean? Dirty glasses can make your beer flat. Make sure your glassware has been thoroughly washed and sanitised.
  • How long has your keg been opened? If it’s been open for over a month or more it will eventually go flat
  • Your drink may appear flat but is actually correctly carbonated. We super chill drinks as standard which calms the carbonation in drinks making it easier to pour and you will experience fewer fobbing issues. This doesn’t mean the drink is flat though, simply give it a taste!

We Supply

Beer On Tap for Small Events Beer On Tap for
Small Events
We are industry leaders in supplying draft beer systems for parties & events. If you're having a house party, wedding or office knees up, we can supply you with everthing you need.

We use state of the art beer coolers, which means you will be pouring ice cold beer within 15 minutes of us installing our equipment.
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Self Service Tap Wall Bars Self Service Tap Wall
Bar Hire
Designed in house are tap walls have become a huge hit at events and short to long term installs a like. The units are self contained and can serve up to 4 different products for up to 500 pints per hour.

We stock reclaimed wood, white panel bars and grass or foliage look bars. The bars can also be branded on the front if you are looking to match theming or particular styled space.
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Drinks Taps in the Office? Drinks Taps
For Your Office
Looking for a fun addition to the office? Why not install a Beer tap. We can install into pre-existing kitchen units or provide you with a fresh new solution. The taps can also serve other drinks such as Prosecco and cocktails too.

Taps available to hire on a monthly basis or you can buy the equipment and choose and serving plan. Fully flexible to suit your needs.
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