Changing a Gas Cylinder

How to change a Co2 or Mixed Gas Gylinder


Warning! Co2 or Mixed Gas can be dangerous

1. ALWAYS connect Co2 or gas cylinder to REDUCING VALVE
2. ALWAYS secure cylinder upright whilst in use
3. ALWAYS keep cylinder away from heat
4. ALWAYS ventilate area after Co2 or mixed gas leakage
5. ALWAYS buy gas from a reputable supplier
6. NEVER try to connect cylinder directly to a keg
7. NEVER connect cylinder to any equipment not provided by Rent a Keg
8. NEVER drop or throw cylinders
9. NEVER try to unscrew fittings from containers

Gas Cylinder Change Over Procedure

Cylinders must only be changed by trained, competent individuals. A gas cylinder change is only required when hiring our remote cooler setups with a usage of 11 x 50L kegs or more. As this point a trained certified technician will trained a designated supervisor the the draught pressure system.

  1. When preparing to connect a fresh cylinder for use, it must be chained in a vertical position
  2. Close the valve (turn clockwise) on the empty gas cylinder
  3. Using the gas cylinder spanner, loosen the gas line connector nut. Residual gas pressure in the line will be released. (You can also do this by hand with hand-nuts)
  4. Disconnect the gas line
  5. Unsecure the empty cylinder and store as per “Safety Kit & Usage Guide” part 3.
  6. Secure the new cylinder in place as per “Safety Kit & Usage Guide” part 3.
  7. Inspect connector nut to ensure that correct o-ring is in place and that it is in good condition
  8. Check that the fresh gas cylinder is the correct type; Co2 or mixed gas 30/70, 60/40
  9. Remove protective plastic covering from gas cylinder
  10. Open valve of fresh cylinder to atmosphere to only 1-2 seconds. This checks that it really is full and to blast any moisture or dust from the exit port.
  11. Connect the gas line to the fresh cylinder
  12. Tight the nut by hand if hand-nut or by spanner if not. Do not over-tighten only nipping the connection. Over-tightening can lead to problems such as thread or O-ring damage
  13. Check for leaks; look and listen. If you are still concerned a small amount of soapy water will detect a leak by forming bubbles. If leak if found follow part 7 of this “Safety Kit & Usage Guide”
  14. Check primary reducing valve gauge. The needle should indicate “full position”

Gas Leaks

Gas leaks are potentially very serious. Beer top-pressure gases contain no oxygen, are invisible and thus are highly dangerous.

Carbon Dioxide is slightly toxic, non-explosive and is heavier than air. Therefore, should a leak occur from either a CO2 or mixed gas cylinder, it will tend to displace air from the floor upwards.

Leaks may occur if the high-pressure hose has not been securely fastened to the gas cylinder, or if the gas seal is faulty. The most common occurrence is damage to the system by the operator when moving equipment.

If a minor leak occurs:

  1. Close the cylinder discharge valve
  2. Ventilate the area by opening doors, windows, etc
  3. Identify the problem and isolate it if possible – this can be achieved by checking connections between cylinder and regulator, between regulator and keg coupler, etc

Action to be taken in the event of an emergency if there has been a major leak of gas such as a long-prolonged leak from a severed pipe.

Initial steps:

  • CLOSE CO2 OR MIXED GAS CYLINDER DISCHARGE VALVE. DO NOT TOUCH CYLINDER OR VALVE WITH BARE HANDS: they will become so cold that your hands will freeze to them.
Further steps:
  • Do not enter the affected area
  • Do not touch frozen cylinders with bare hands
  • Open outside accesses to ventilate affected areas
  • Prevent others entering the affected area


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