What is a Keg & it's advantages?

Everything you need to know about the keg itself

What is a Keg & it's advantages?

Keg History

A traditional beer keg was orginally made by a Cooper out of wood to transport a varierty of liquids and items such as gun powder and nails. 

More rencently drinks kegs are constructed of Aluminium or steel 

There are many shapes and sizes of kegs however fundementally there are two types, ones that are pressurised (referred to as kegs) and ones that aren't. The latter are usually referred to as Cask's and are used to store naturally or non carbonated drinks such as Ale's, hence the term "Cask Ales"


Keg Information

All kegs are pressurised and require a mix of gas (dependant on drink) to drive the beer out of the keg. The mix of gas used depends on the manufacturers specifications however is almost always a mix of Carbon Dioxide & or Nitrogen. The percentage of mix set by the manufacturers to ensure the drinks quality control and shelve life.

A keg is connected to the draught system using a specific coupler. There are 4 main types used in the UK however there are many more variations, with the new style Key Keg couplers becoming more and more popular within the craft beer scene.


Cask Information

A cask is mounted on a stillage with a tilt which allows the beer to flow through a gravity fed tap at the bottom of the cask. In pubs a hand pump on the bar is used instead to pull the drink through the lines. Cask's almost always require 24 hours to let the yeast inside settle to the bottom of the cask. If in doubt ask us, although we will always adivse you on cask setup procedures. For information on how to tap a cask please see setup instructions >>


Advantages of Kegs over Bottles or Cans

  • Generally they are cheaper in the long run even with delivery & equipment hire
  • You'll get a much better quality end product, just like in a bar or pub
  • The user experience is great fun!
  • It's certainly more green as kegs are re used if not recycled.
  • You can serve larger quantities much quicker than cans or bottles with perfect quality control
  • With us kegs are easy, we deliver, install and collect. All you have to do is drink!


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