Drinks Taps in the Office?

Kegs on demand for your office and staff communal areas.

Drinks Taps in the Office?

If you're looking for something to boost staff moral and cause excitment in the work place, why not install some kegs?

Drinks taps in the office are a huge talking point for staff and your business alike. Many of our clients have seen an increase in business through suppliers/ clients as well as through staff extending to more inhouse social events. 

Why book us?

  • We offer over 400 keg products , the largest of any company in the UK
  • You can change products whenever you like
  • You can add or decrease taps when needed
  • We offer fully serviced and cleaned options
  • Choice of tap styles and equipment
  • We can install in pre existing areas such as kitchens of comunual spaces.

Drinks in the office

We Supply

Beer On Tap for Small Events Beer On Tap for
Small Events
We are industry leaders in supplying draft beer systems for parties & events. If you're having a house party, wedding or office knees up, we can supply you with everthing you need.

We use state of the art beer coolers, which means you will be pouring ice cold beer within 15 minutes of us installing our equipment.
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Self Service Tap Wall Bars Self Service Tap Wall
Bar Hire
Designed in house are tap walls have become a huge hit at events and short to long term installs a like. The units are self contained and can serve up to 4 different products for up to 500 pints per hour.

We stock reclaimed wood, white panel bars and grass or foliage look bars. The bars can also be branded on the front if you are looking to match theming or particular styled space.
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Drinks Taps in the Office? Drinks Taps
For Your Office
Need to lift your working team spirit? Why not install a drinks tap in your office or communal area for social events to serve Beer, Prosecco & Cocktails on tap. br />
Since Covid, we have seen a sharp rise in clients looking for short to long term hire packages in order to offer social options for the staff in a safe work environment. We have packages to suit any length of hire period as well as equipment to suit most pre-existing furniture areas.
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