Starting up your draught system

Starting up your rent a keg draught system

Starting up your draught system
  1. Turn on the cooler - If your cooler is not on, please plug it in and switch on then allow 1-2 hours before service so that the cooler has enough time to chill the water in its ice bank reservoir to the correct temperature.  Once the cooler is on complete the following steps with 10 minutes to prevent lines from freezing.
  2. Turn on the gas - Turn the tap on at the top of the cylinder to open the bottle to start the flow of gas. To open turn anticlockwise. You only need one turn to loosen off the tap
  3. Ensure the coupler is engaged - The coupler attached to the top of your keg will either slide over or twist into place depending on the coupler type. If will be very obvious which one fits which. The coupler and keg fitting are both designed to lock together. Once in place lock the leaver on the coupler in a downwards motion to secure it and start the flow of drink. You will see drink rise into the product pipe when this happens.
  4. Pull drink through the lines - Pull the lever on top of your drinks tap down fully to start the drink flow. You may need to pull through ¼ pint if the cooler has been as warm drink will of sat in the line. Once this has been done your system is ready and you should now be able to pour drinks. If you have any issues beyond this please read our trouble shooting guide enclosed or on our website under “useful information”.

Important information

  • Do not leave the gas bottle on when the system is not in use in case there are any tiny leaks. Whilst this will not present any danger to you, the gas will eventually leak out from the bottle over a period of hours leaving you with a non-functioning system for your event.
  • Make sure you allow your cooler enough time to chill down before your event, we recommend 2 hours. If you do not allow enough time for your cooler to chill down, this will result in frothy drinks and the system constantly trying to play catch up
  • Try and keep your kegs out of the shade in the coolest storage area you have to reduce any fobbing issues. Whilst our systems can cope with warm kegs, they can be overworked under extreme loads and temperatures.
  • Do not leave keg couplers uncoupler from kegs and this leaves a risk of them being left open, discharging the gas bottle.

How to pour a pint

  1. Grab a clean glass. If you really want to pour a great pint of beer, then you need to pour it into a clean glass that has been thoroughly washed and sanitized. This allows the Co2 to properly escape to the top of your glass and reduce any fobbing/pouring issues.
  2. Hold you glass at 45-degree angle with the glass either touching, or no more than up to an inch away from the tap spout end.
  3. Open the tap quickly, swiftly and fully and begin pouring beer down the side of the glass until it’s about half full. Opening the tap halfway or just a small amount will purposely create froth. As your pint continues to fill up past halfway, gradually bring your glass to an upright position and aim for the middle to start crafting the head.
  4. To create a bigger head on your beer slowly add distance between the tap spout and your glass to allow a bigger drop for the beer resulting in a bigger head.
  5. When your glass is full close the tap quickly and swiftly

 If you are having issues with your system please check our trouble shooting guide

We Supply

Beer On Tap for Small Events Beer On Tap for
Small Events
We are industry leaders in supplying draft beer systems for parties & events. If you're having a house party, wedding or office knees up, we can supply you with everthing you need.

We use state of the art beer coolers, which means you will be pouring ice cold beer within 15 minutes of us installing our equipment.
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Self Service Tap Wall Bars Self Service Tap Wall
Bar Hire
Designed in house are tap walls have become a huge hit at events and short to long term installs a like. The units are self contained and can serve up to 4 different products for up to 500 pints per hour.

We stock reclaimed wood, white panel bars and grass or foliage look bars. The bars can also be branded on the front if you are looking to match theming or particular styled space.
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Drinks Taps in the Office? Drinks Taps
For Your Office
Need to lift your working team spirit? Why not install a drinks tap in your office or communal area for social events to serve Beer, Prosecco & Cocktails on tap. br />
Since Covid, we have seen a sharp rise in clients looking for short to long term hire packages in order to offer social options for the staff in a safe work environment. We have packages to suit any length of hire period as well as equipment to suit most pre-existing furniture areas.
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