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How to organise a Corporate Summer Social

1st June 2018

How to organise a Corporate Summer Social

How to organise a corporate summer social event

There are few things that bring coworkers together closer than a summer social. After all, summer is the season for socialising to the max, and a good opportunity to mingle! So many employees look forward to corporate summer social so, as an employer, it’s a fantastic way to thank your workers for all their hard work. But how can you throw a real, professional but fun corporate party that will leave a lasting impression and boost morale?

The first thing you have to take care of is set up the right date and time. You need to make sure that the date you choose for the party is alright with everyone. Don’t forget with summer comes family holidays, you’ll need to go with the majority vote for a date and the best way to organise this is via a poll. You also want to be certain that the place you want to host your party is available at the right time. Summer also equals weddings galore, so why not a marquee at the office HQ? Or hiring in a company to transform your office instead?

If you want to make sure your party is a success, and this is not your first corporate summer social, ask for feedback about last year’s events. Ask what they liked the most and what aspects they’d rather not see return. Keep in mind that you probably won’t be able to meet everyone’s expectations, so try to find a safe common ground that will make the party enjoyable to as many people as possible.

Spice things up by implementing a theme. A good change of pace is always welcome in the workplace, it’s always nice to break the mould and try something that’s a bit more interesting. Get creative and give your employees an opportunity to dress up and get fancy.

Be prepared with your budget! While managing your money is an important aspect of every business, it’s worth remembering that the actual business part of your company isn’t the only thing worth spending on. Make sure you have enough money to really make your Corporate summer social party worth remembering! Pick a unique setting that will get your employees in the party spirit, and never skimp out on the food and drink. Choose a reliable caterer – such as Party Doctors who offer everything from full event catering to Fun Foods such as handheld pizza’s and cookies to name a couple. With their incredible marquee and bar hire services not to mention their expertise in venue transformations using their one-stop shop service for everything you’ll need, your corporate summer social is sure to be one that is raved for a very long time!

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