Draught Beer Dispense Equipment Hire

Draught equipment for hire to dispense Beer, Cider and other products serving London and surrounding counties such as Surrey, Kent, Essex, Sussex and Berkshire

Draught Beer Dispense Equipment Hire

We are industry leaders in supplying draught beer dispense equipment hire throughout the UK

If you’re having an event that requires fast reliable service on the bar then you may require a draught dispense system.

We can supply the right solution for your bar or service area either providing a compact shelf system intergrated into your service area or a seperate cellar system located away from the bar.

Our draught equipment hire options are priced per tap making life easier for your budgeting incase you need to change tap amount for the number of guests you are looking to serve.

We of course can also supply all of your keg requirements too. Have a look at our keg page for ideas and prices here. These are our popular choices, however we can source any product that is produced for keg in the UK.

Why book us?

  • We stock the highest quality industry standard bar coolers and fonts
  • We have the largest bar tap hire and drinks selection than any other company in the UK
  • We deliver all year round
  • We have a 24h emergency hotline
  • We can supply a single keg to huge numbers of kegs for any event.

We Supply

Beer On Tap for Small Events Beer On Tap for
Small Events
We are industry leaders in supplying draft beer systems for parties all over the UK. If you're having a house party, wedding or office knees up, we can supply you with everthing you need.

We use state of the art beer coolers, which means you will be pouring ice cold beer within 15 minutes of us installing our equipment.
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High Volume Bars High Volume Bars
for Festivals
We are industry leaders at installing and managing beer systems to deal with large scale events such as festivals and corporate events.

We have designed and installed mass dispense beer systems for events such as Standon Calling, Secret Garden Party, Glade Music Festival, Cowes and Secret Cinema events.
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Keg Anything! Literally* Keg
We now offer a new kegging service where we can take any drink you like and put it in a keg. This allows for a fast pouring service with no mess or fuss. There are many advantages to having drinks in kegs too aside form a quick serving, fast solutions. Kegs save on space, they offer consistency, especially with Cocktails, and they can even keep costs down. We can also instantly chill the keg! Find out more


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